SICK IntegrationSpace® unlocks the power of your sensors. Use their full potential by feeding their data into intelligent algorithms in order to reduce complexity and to improve your business processes. Welcome to this new dimension of sensors.

Key Messages

Integrate your data into intelligent digital services
Gain transparency of your existing data
Enhance your business performance
Customized for your individual needs
Synergize your business competence and our industrial and digital know-how
Increase your efficiency and boost your productivity
Let's start the future together!
Discover SICK IntegrationSpace® and dive into a new dimension in the world of sensors.

Transparency. Efficiency. Productivity.


SICK IntegrationSpace® provides a transparent view on the intelligent data your assets produce.
This data from all around your plants is polished to shine. Now, the data is transparent to you and is ready to be used to optimize efficiency and to boost your productivity.


Based on the gathered sensor data, SICK IntegrationSpace® enables you through various tools to monitor and optimize your production processes in order to become more efficient. 


More efficient production processes will boost your productivity. With the ever growing variety of web services utilizing your data, SICK IntegrationSpace® further enhances your output with specialized services fitting your industry.


Trust in us as your industrial partner - for 75 years SICK has been known for industrial innovations. With our industry experience and digital solution know-how, SICK is establishing future solutions and is know adding a new dimension to the world of sensors.
Let's start the future - together! Side by side as trusted partners to discover the world beyond.


SICK IntegrationSpace® is secured with the highest industry standards, so your data is always encrypted and secure.


SICK IntegrationSpace® services have various feature tiers, so you can choose which one suits your business best and only pay for what you need. We offer free trial services, with no risks.
We take care of the infrastructure needed for our services to run 24/7, no additional costs for you.

Discover the digital services SICK IntegrationSpace® offers:

SICK AssetHub - Manage your digital twins
SICK AssetHub is a web service that provides a transparent and interactive overview of your assets. Additional data and documents can easily be stored and retrieved for any asset. The service and its functionality is vendor-independent and modular. Flexible and ready to be customized to your needs.
SICK LiveConnect - Bring your sensor data to the cloud

SICK LiveConnect provides a secure and easy-to-use service to connect your sensor to the cloud. Live-data transmissions from sensors to the cloud is the basis for industry 4.0 solutions.
SICK DeepLearning - Artificial intelligence for your SICK sensors
SICK Deep Learning simplifies deep learning and therefore needed neural network development process, tremendously. After providing sample images, a trained neural network is downloaded to the sensors, so the sensors can easily take image classification decisions, even of naturally grown products.
SICK MonitoringBox - Monitor and increase performance
Using the MonitoringBox from SICK, you gain virtual access to sensors and machines and can improve them during daily operation. With the history view and log book, no events or negative developments will go unnoticed. The MonitoringBox constantly monitors your company's assets and their data forwarding critical changes to you.
Function Block Factory - Speed up your PLC programming
SICK Function Block Factory supports common programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from various manufacturers, such as Siemens, Beckhoff, Rockwell Automation and B&R. It is compatible with IO-Link devices from all manufacturers.
SICK Installed Base Manager - Stay up-to-date while on the go
Save time with the app and register all your assets in a very easy and streamlined manner. Your assets' product information is only a few clicks away in the digital world and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

And many more

Many more web services are planned to provide additional value for your daily challenges. They are already in development, either as modular extensions or as standalone services. For more information please contact us.

Solutions for Integration

Take a look at our Solutions for Integration where various digital services are combined to add value in a complete package for specific applications

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